Brand New: Tim Burton enamel pins


This is a huge week for me! I just launched my very first enamel pin design!

Since this is a blog where I discuss behind-the-scenes art stuff, I’ll talk a bit about the process it took to create these. When brainstorming what I wanted for my first pin design, I thought about what I would want to wear. The first thing that popped in my brain was something Tim Burton inspired. I really, really, REALLY love the result. This was incredibly fun to design.

The entire process was a learning experience. From figuring out how to make a simple design that would translate well from computer screen to the actual pin, to choosing the right colors, to designing the packaging, to finding a manufacturer, to figuring out how to ship it, to advertising for it. I knew nothing and learned as I went. That’s the glory of the internet, guys. You can figure out how to do anything by googling it.

So here’s the final result!

These are available in my online shop ! Get yours now!

Click here for a direct link to the Tim Burton pin

Hope you like them.