San Diego County Fair (Photos)


On Sunday July 2, 2017 I attended the San Diego County Fair at the Del Mar Fairgrounds for the first time! Blue has been there plenty but it was our first time going together.

We got there around the time that the fair opened. Glad we did! Wasn’t too hot, not too many people.

Very photogenic goat.

Look at this face. Look at it.

Little piggies.

This one was fun to watch. Strutting his stuff.

We liked this one because it was laying like Seelie (our cat) does when she’s ultra cozy. This bunny and 2 others in the same cage all had Pokemon names.

Sheep Butts.

Stagecoach thingy. Blue got a kick out of it.

“Andee’s” room.

The fair was Western themed.

The way this donkey was sitting really spoke to me. (I’m stupid)

Must be cool to have a “thing” like building these metal (metal?) sculptures.

…or building cool habitats (habitats?) like this.

WANTED and feeling happy about it.


Break free, blue.

A sign said this ride used to be in Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch.

So many people.

Didn’t notice the “CHEESE BREAD” sign until I saw this photo and now I’m sad that I didn’t get it. Mmmm pizza.

Blue and pizzaaaaaa.

Here’s our “We just spent $26 on beer” faces.

Me and pizzaaaaaa. Seriously, why didn’t we get pizza.

Probably my favorite photo from the day.

Our tradition is to take photos in the photobooth at every fair we go to.


We didn’t go on rides but we did walk through it all.

I like.

Just hangin’ out.

It must be fun to design these food carts.

Blue got a bratwurst and we sat in a somewhat quieter grassy area with live music that sounded like the music from a show about cops.

I got some fries that tasted like In-n-Out’s fries and we shared an $11 Coors Light. I regret not getting pizzaaaa.

We had a good ol’ time.

One thought on “San Diego County Fair (Photos)

  1. You always take the best pictures. You really capture the mood. It’s almost like I can see and feel your experience. Thank you for sharing!


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