Birthday Weekend Mini Road Trip (Photos)


Hey alllllll!

Well this week was an exciting one, my boyfriend Chris (Blue) and I celebrated our Birthdays!

We took it easy during the week since we both had to work on our big day and made plans to go to the desert the weekend of. I was fantasizing about the desert all week. The thought of bringing out my camera and/or video camera and heading for the open road (away from people) seemed dreamy.

But alas, that thought was too good to be true (at least for this weekend). We felt so lazy Saturday morning that we didn’t end up leaving the house until noon and that was too late for the 2 hour drive to the desert. We made plans to go to Julian instead (historical town about an hour from where we live).

First we needed to stop by the Post Office so I could drop off a few Etsy orders.

I asked Blue to stop by Spin Records (the record store down the street) to pick up a new cd for our journey. Listening to a movie soundtrack sounded fun so we went straight to that section. The soundtrack from The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly was ideal but they didn’t have it so we searched for something familiar.

Boom. Perfect. Moonrise Kingdom. 

We had a few more stops to make in Carlsbad Village before hopping on the freeway, like filling up our water jugs at Carlsbad Alkaline.

We hopped on the freeway and headed inland towards our destination. Everything was going great. We ate our lunches that we had packed, had our new tunes, no traffic…AND THEN we had to turn around because the road to Julian was closed.

Womp womp.

I quickly whipped out my phone and looked at a map to see where the heck we were and where the heck we could go. Even though there were some California Parks within 30 minutes of us, I decided to search for something else. From what I’ve learned about California Parks, they will be labeled on a map, but once you get there it’s a hit or miss on whether it’s worth going to. SO. I asked Blue if he was down for some antique stores. (Funny, antique stores are usually hit or miss as well, but whatever) A quick gps search later and I found some in Fallbrook. And off we went.

We arrived at the Fallbrook Vintage Village and it was a gooood one! I had to hold myself back from buying a ton of stuff. I decided it was best to browse, take photos, immerse myself in some history, and get inspired. 

Loved these. They gave me a Alice in Wonderland Queen of Hearts vibe.

Packed with goodies.

Blue knows my style and what I like so he’s always good with spotting things that I miss (much appreciated).

Serious face.

Another serious face.

Serious antique shopping stance.

After convincing myself on numerous occasions that I didn’t “need” anything from the antique shop, we were off again in search for a few more antique shops nearby. One was closed and one was terrible so we decided to find some parking and walk around.

We found a big ol’ library and decided to go in and check it out. It looked brand new! We also browsed through the book shop they had in front. Again, having to convince myself that I didn’t need a few things.

We kept walking and stumbled upon the Fallbrook Gem & Mineral Museum and Gift shop.

It was pretty cool! Apparently they are known worldwide.

She was my favorite.

We were told that we have to go into the dark room.

I’m glad we went in because, not only was everything really cool, but also because…

The dark room had reeeeeally cool lighting for these photos. 

We signed the guest book and set off again down the street. Most of the businesses were closed (it’s a small town so the shops had weird hours) but we still enjoyed the stroll.

It was getting late in the day so we decided to head back to Carlsbad and picked up some coffee along the way. We spotted the park on our way back and thought it’d be fun to play basketball. We pulled into the parking lot, looked at the courts, looked at each other, and then turned around and left lol. Too tired. We decided to go to the library instead so I offered to drive.

Blue was relieved.

Carlsbad Library. One of my favorite places in Carlsbad.

Blue being Blue.

One of the many reasons why I like you. You weirdo.

I picked up a few fashion books during this trip. I always like having a little stack of library books at home. Keeps me inspired.

And there was the day in a nutshell.

Hoping to share more of these travel-y blog posts!


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