Self-Reflection Exercise!


Hello everyone! Everyone? Anyone? lol.

I hope you are well!

If you’ve been following me on Instagram or Twitter you may know that I hit a rough patch when it comes to art and figuring out where I want to go with it (which isn’t really new, but it’s been more intense and crucial lately that I figure it out). In pursuing illustration, it. is. BROAD. You can do so many things by being a visual communicator and the amount of things that I can do is overwhelming. Editorial illustration? Product design? Narrative illustration? Apparel design? Graphic Design? Can’t I just do it all?! The answer is no. No, right now I just need to pick something and hope for the best. But upon choosing one area, if that area is tough to get into or maybe your portfolio isn’t ready, you’re going to be waiting around a while. And guys, I need money NOW.


I have started applying for jobs, both part time and full time. I am looking for something that will allow me to continue pursuing my Etsy shop and illustration career in my free time. I can’t tell you how nice a steady paycheck sounds. And Chipotle burritos. And Vegan buffalo chickin’ sandwiches from Veggie Grill. Mmm. If someone from a company I applied for is reading this right now…hey, how’s it going. Haha

Back to the point of all this! I’m spiritual in the sense that I like trying to figure out why I’m on this earth. What can I offer the world. I am keen on the idea that self reflection can help guide you through life when you’re feeling stuck. I enjoy analyzing why I am the way that I am, it helps me understand my traits and how those characteristics interact with others. When figuring out what my personality is like, it can help me analyze what I would be good at. When choosing a job, you want to choose something that feels like a good fit right?

Low and behold, I made a thing to help me better understand who the heck I am (while also playing around with Graphic Design a bit).

I recommend you make a thing too! Play around with fonts you like. I made this in Adobe Illustrator (a program I loooove). Ask yourself questions. Really dig deep and answer the tough ones. Is this vain? Possibly. However, when pursuing something scary (like being an entrepreneur) YOU NEED CONFIDENCE. When you figure out who you are, it can help bring a natural confidence that will help you with your everyday life. People will try to strip you of your confidence, don’t let them. Keep chasing those goals and keep doing good in the world.

This exercise can also be a good way of figuring out your art “style” (I know that’s a touchy subject amongst artists). Figure out what you like and create art based off the things in the world that inspire you. Easy peasy. Kinda.

Upon doing this exercise, I looked through my external harddrive and rediscovered a folder titled “Self Exploration” and in that folder were the results of a Strengths Finder test that I took in college. I was taking a class called Professional Practices in the Arts and my professor had us buy this Strength Finder 2.0 book which came with a test. Once you take the test, you figure out your 5 biggest strengths. Looking back on my results now, I am realizing how accurate they are, so I put them in as a reminder. (P.S. if you’re going to buy this book, you have to get it brand new. I think it only comes with one test so if you buy it used, you can’t take the test.)

Try this out! It doesn’t have to be super formal either, you can just jot some Q&A’s down in your sketchbook. It helps to have it written down somewhere as a reminder of your goals and strengths. + You can share your results with me if you’d like!

OH! I made an exciting announcement over on my Instagram today! I’ll be selling at Fan Alley’s Artist Lodge at their new location: Art Institute of Orange County. See the original Instagram post for more details!

Have a splendiiiid weekend everyone!


One thought on “Self-Reflection Exercise!

  1. What a great exercise! I need to try this. You are so inspiring and by the way I love that you’re unique, it is my favorite thing about you!

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