Lock Shock Barrel Prints

While reading this blog post, I recommend listening to this, which is what I’m listening to while writing.

I have so many exciting things in store for the next few weeks! 

To start, I have some more new prints!
Introducing: the Lock Shock and Barrel Mini Print pack.

Because it had to be done.

If you are a fan of Tim Burton films like I am, you’ll probably recognize these 3 as the trick or treaters in Disney’s Nightmare Before Christmas. They’re such fun characters.

As I mentioned before, I have new product photos of most of the artwork in my shop! Its been fun learning how to use my boyfriend’s camera. Thankful that he has one that shoots photos better than my iPhone camera. Here are a few from the batch.

To see the rest in all their glory head over to my shop.

Last week was full of new orders, it has been wonderful! It’s almost time to order more packaging materials, a great sign that my hard work is paying off. Can only go up from here!

Now that I’m fully healed from my wisdom teeth surgery and I’m back to being organized, its time to start streaming on Twitch again. If you haven’t heard of Twitch, it is a platform where creatives (and gamers) can live stream their art process (and gaming) and interact with viewers from all over the world through a chat box. I’ve been streaming on Twitch Creative since October 2015 and I’ve met some of the most incredible, supportive individuals. Upon first starting, I streamed about 3 times a week, a few hours each day. But with moving, and trying to get my art business booming, and taking care of health stuff, I had to stop. Every day that I don’t stream I feel like there’s a little something missing from my life, hence the reason why I’ll be starting again! So tomorrow! I’ll be streaming tomorrow (06/14) and Thursday (06/16) from 9:30am(PST) to about noon, you are more than welcome to join me! If you’ve never been on Twitch, don’t be afraid! Everyone is so welcoming and will be happy to help with whatever questions you may have.

A link to my Twitch channel is here or here: http://www.twitch.tv/sheheeps.
I go by SheHeeps in the Twitch world, aka “Sheeps“.

To stay updated with when I’ll be streaming, make an account (super easy) and click the “Follow” button. There’s an option to receive emails every time I log on, but that’s not necessary. You can also follow me on Twitter @krsextonart I usually post when I go live.


My lapel pins are currently being made!!! I should have them in about 2 weeks! I can hardly contain my excitement for them. I’ll be spending the upcoming week prepping for their arrival so I can get them posted on Etsy shortly after I get them! Stay tuuuuuuned!

As always, follow me on Instagram + Twitter to stay most up to date with everything. To sign up for my email newsletter (for coupons and special updates before everyone else) follow this link here (free, painless, and easy to sign up). Be sure to “Favorite” my shop on Etsy so you can see when new products are posted.

Until next time, my friends!!!


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